AFI(Application family identifier)

AFI most significant nibble AFI least significant nibble Meaning VICCs respond from  


‘0’ ‘0’ All families and sub-families No applicative preselection
X ‘0’

All sub-families of family X

Wide applicative preselection

X Y Only the Yth sub-family of family X  
‘0’ Y Proprietary sub-family Y only  
‘1’ ‘0’,Y Transport Mass transit, Bus, Airline
‘2’ ‘0’,Y Financial IEP, Banking, Retail
‘3’ ‘0’,Y Identification Access control
‘4’ ‘0’,Y Telecommunication Public telephony, GSM
‘5’ ‘0’,Y Medical  
‘6’ ‘0’,Y Multimedia Internet service
‘7’ ‘0’,Y Gaming  
‘8’ ‘0’,Y Data storage Portable files
‘9’ ‘0’,Y Item management  
‘A’ ‘0’,Y Express parcels  
‘B’ ‘0’,Y Postal services  
‘C’ ‘0’,Y Airline bags  
‘D’ ‘0’,Y RFU  
‘E’ ‘0’,Y RFU  
‘F’ ‘0’,Y RFU  


LEGIC advant ATC128 MV Cards,ISO LEGIC advant ATC128-MV Card,Contactless Smart Card,