Micore Reader IC Family; Directly Matched Antenna Design

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 Antenna design example In the following pages an antenna examples is shown. First of all the antenna coil is designed. In this example a two turns antenna with a rectangular size of 160mm x 180mm is used (one turn per each La and Lb). This coil is measured with an impedance analyzer.

Table 10: Example antenna coil

Inductance and resistance measurement, using an impedance analyzer

  Ls and Rs Ls, Rs, and Cp (resonance equivalent circuit)
L 2.7 µH 2.5 µH
R 1.1 0.95 Ω
C - 4pF

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Based on these values the tuning procedure is started, including the EMC low pass filter as proposed in section 4.1.2. The resulting circuit is shown in Fig 26, th e component values are shown in Ta ble 11: , and the matching result is shown in Fig 27 .

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Fig 26. Example Antenna Circuit

Table 11: Resulting component values of the example antenna
Component Value
L0 1uH (e.g. TDK NL322522T-1R0J)
C02 56pF each (Ceramic NP0, tolerance ≤ ±2%)
C1 12pF each (Ceramic NP0, tolerance ≤ ±2%)
C21 82pF each (Ceramic NP0, tolerance ≤ ±2%)
C22 6.8pF each (Ceramic NP0, tolerance ≤ ±2%)
C3 1nF (Ceramic NP0, tolerance ≤ ±10%)
C4 100nF (Ceramic X7R, tolerance ≤ ±10%)
R1 2.2 kΩ
R1 820Ω
RS 4.7 Ω

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This antenna meets the Q-factor requirements and fulfills the pulse shapes requirements according to [8] , and with a driving current of I TVDD = 112mA and a receive voltage of URxAC = 2.9Vpp at the receive pin an operating distance of approximately 10cm for a typical mifare card can be measured: >12cm (DESfire, fres = 14.6MHz) >10cm (Mifare 1K, fres = 16.5 œ 17MHz) >10cm (2x Mifare 1K, each fres = 16.5 œ 17MHz)

Table 12: Abbreviations
Acronym Description
ATQA Answer To reQuest type A
ATS Answer To Select
BCC Block Check Character (checksum)
CBC Cipher-Block Chaining
fc Carrier frequency (13.56 MHz)
fres Resonance frequency
FSCI Frame Size for proximity Card Integer
PCD Proximity Coupling Device (ISO/IEC 14443 term for reader/writer unit)
PICC Proximity Integrated Circuit Card
PPS Protocol and Parameter Selection
RATS Request for Answer To Select
REQA REQuest type A
RFU Reserved for Future Use
SAK Select AcKnowledge
UID Unique IDentification number

Mifare(14443A) 13,56 MHz RFID Proximity Antennas; Application Note
ISO/IEC 14443 higher bit rates with Micore; Application Note
Data Sheet; SL RC400 I Code Reader IC
MIFARE MF RC500; Highly Integrated ISO 14443A Reader IC
MIFARE MF RC 530 ISO14443A reader IC
MIFARE MF RC531; ISO 14443 Reader IC
MIFARE and I Code CL RC632 Multiple protocol contactless reader IC
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ISO10373-6 Identification cards -Test methods part 6: Proximity cards