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100% Compatible Mifare 1K Chip, FM11RF08, 1K(8KBits) Contactless Card IC.

RF interface
Compliant with ISO/IEC 14443-A.
Contactless transmission of data and supply (no battery needed).
Operating frequency: 13.56MHz.
Fast communication baud rate: 106Kbit/s.
Contactless transmission of data and supply (no battery needed).
Operating distance: up to 100mm (depending on antenna geometry).
Half duplex communication protocol using handshake.
Encryption algorithm compatible with Mifare 1K standard, 100% Compatible Mifare 1K Chip.
Typical transaction time: <100ms.

1024x8bit(1K) EEPROM memory.
Organized in security separated 16 sectors supporting multi-application use.
User flexible defines assess conditions for each memory block.

High security
Mutual three pass authentication.
High security level data communication.
Each sector has its own two secret files for systems using key hierarchies.
Arithmetic capability: increase and decrease.

High Reliability
Endurance: 100,000cycle.
Data Retention: 10 Years.

FM11RF08 is the contactless card IC according to ISO14443 Type A that 100% Compatible Mifare 1K Chip. This device has 1K x 8bits EEPROM organization. The maximum communication range between the reader antenna and contactless card is approximately 10 cm. FM11RF08 also has a very high security performance with the encryption and communication circuit, and is a true multi-application smart card with the functionality of a processor card realized with hardware logic. So FM11RF08 can be especially tailored to meet the requirements of a payment card which can be used for ticketing systems in public transport and comparable applications.

The Contactless smart card contains three components: FM11RF08 chip、antenna and the card base with PVC (or PET) material. No battery is needed. When the chip is positioned in proximity of the coupling device antenna, the high speed RF communication interface allows transmitting data with 106-Kbit/s.

The FM11RF08 Card has high security: 3PASS Authentication must be through before read/write operation. Serial Numbers, which can not be altered, guarantee the uniqueness of each card. Crypto-Data transfer, Key Transfer and Access Key Protection.

Keys in the cards are read protected but can be altered by who knows the actual key. There are 16 sectors in the card, each sector has own keys (Key A, Key B).Two different keys for each sector support systems using key hierarchies, so FM11RF08 offers real multi-application functionality.