The design of a multi-application card and the administration of authorisation rights are made easy with the new PC software tool LEGIC Studio.

An intuitive user interface and a self-explanatory user platform combine various applications into a LEGIC all-in-one card in 10 minutes.

By using LEGIC Studio, users can convert their contactless smart card projects significantly faster thanks to shorter operating processes. The software allows card projects to be carried out in minimal steps and without expert knowledge of the product. Superbly clear configuration and administration is made possible thanks to the ground-breaking visualisation of transponders.


The software is comprised of three main functions which create the card in just a few minutes. In the function ‘Read Card’, detailed information and the allocation of segment information of a transponder are graphically presented. ‘Make Master’ visualises the inheritance structure of the authorisation, which is based on LEGIC Master Tokens. Further Master Tokens for the desired organisations level can then be immediately created in just a few steps. ‘Make Card’ writes the previously defined application segments directly onto a new or pre-existing card.

LEGIC Studio is particularly user-friendly. This tool has been specifically developed for end-users and system integrators and designed for small series, support, demonstrations, analysis and test purposes.

LEGIC Studio will be presented for the first time at the CeBIT 2008 live demonstrations.