Electical signals and transmission protocols: (ISO 7816-3)

For complete details of protocols and signals refer to you chip/interface manufacturers documentation.
These abstracts of the standard are only to be used as a guide and an introduction to the technology.

Electrical Signals Description:

I/O : Input or Output for serial data to the integrated circuit inside the card.

VPP : Programing voltage input (optional use by the card).

GND : Ground (reference voltage).

CLK : Clocking or timing signal (optional use by the card).

RST : Either used itself (reset signal supplied from the interface device) or in combination with an interal reset control circuit (optional use by the card). If internal reset is implemented, the voltage supply on Vcc is mandatory.

VCC : Power supply input (optional use by the card).

RFU : Reserved for future use

Voltage and current values:


Vih : High level input voltage
Vil : Low level input voltage
Vcc : Power supply voltage at VCC
Vpp : Programming voltage at VPP
Voh : High level output voltage
Vol : Low level output voltage
tr : Rise time between 10% and 90% of signal amplitude
tf : Fall time between 90% and 10% of signal amplitude
Iih : High level input current
Iil : Low level input current
Icc : Supply current at VCC
Ipp : Programming current at VPP
Ioh : High level output current
Iol : Low level output current
Cin : Input capacitance
Cout: Output capacitance

Electrical characteristics of I/O under normal operation conditions.

Symbol Conditions Minimum Maximum Unit
Vih Either (1) Iih max = +/- 500uA 2 VCC V
Iih max = +/- 50uA 0.7 VCC VCC (3) V
Vil Iil max = 1mA 0 0.8 V
Voh Either (2) Iol max = +/- 100uA 2.4 VCC V
Iol max = +/- 20uA 3.8 VCC V
Vol Iol max = 1mA 0 0.4 V
tr, tf Cin = 30pF; Cout = 30pF    1 us
(1) For the interface device, take into account both conditions.
(2) It is assumed that a pull up resistor is used in the interface device (recommended value 20k Ohm.
(3) The voltage on I/O shall remain between 0.3V and VCC+0.3V.


Electrical characteristics of VPP under normal operation conditions.

Symbol Conditions Minimum Maximum Unit
Idle State
(programming non active)
Active State
(programming the card)
The card provides the interface with the values of P and I
(default values: P=5 and I=50)


Rise of fall time : 200 us maximum. The rate of change of Vpp shall not exceed 2V/us.
The maximum power Vpp*Ipp shall not exceed 1.5W when averaged over any period of 1s.