INSIDE PicoPass 2KS Card


13.56MHz dual-standard ISO 14443B/ISO 15693 contactless memory chips

PicoPass™ 2KS – 2Kbits

PicoPass™ is a family of dual-standard contactless memory chips compliant with both ISO 14443B and ISO 15693 standards. Dual standard enables to obtain higher communication speed at proximity distances using ISO 14443B or extended communication range in case data exchange speed is less important.
An optional PicoPass/A version enables the chip to communicate using ISO 14443A standard only.

PicoPass can communicate at up to 1.5 m distance with a gate antenna and up to 70 cm distance with a single antenna using ISO 15693 or at approximately 10 cm using ISO 14443B or ISO 14443A standards. Fast anti-collision capability enables to treat multiple tags present simultaneously in the field.

PicoPass 2KS contains 2 kbits of non-volatile read/write memory including personalization area protected by a fuse. PicoPass 2KS employs cryptographic security for data protection and chip authentication. Two unique secret keys are used to protect two different applications or to manage crediting and debiting of a secure stored value area. Cryptographic security protections can be disabled during personalization phase.

PicoPass offers the following benefits for both smart cards and RFID applications.

 Multi-standard capability allows the implementation of applications using vicinity for tracking or hands free operation and proximity communication distances for high speed payment or biometric identification.

Multi-application: PicoPass enables coexistence of several independent applications (up to 16) while maintaining fully separate security conditions.
Memory capacity can be used to store large amounts of data such as high quality ID photos, data records and biometric templates.

Security: PicoPass state-of-the-art cryptographic authentication prevents from chip memory reading and modification by an unauthorized person and from chip cloning or simulation.

ISO 14443A option: PicoPass can be easily integrated within applications using Mifare® technology. 

-ISO 14443B and ISO 15693 with auto-detection, optional ISO 14443A.
-Operating range up to 1.5 m.
-Communication speed up to 424 kbps.
-2k bits of EEPROM versions.
-Write-once memory space for personalization data protection.
-Multi-application mapping: up to 16 applications of 2k bits.
-Independent credit and debit secret keys for each application.
-Authentication using INSIDE’s proprietary cryptographic algorithm.
-PowerGuard® anti-tearing function.
-Fast anti-collision management: up to 100 chips/second.
-Compliant with other PicoTag™ family.
-Personalization kits available.

Typical applications
-Multi-application cards
-Access control
-Mass transit
-ID cards, passports
-Border control
-Company cards
-Health cards
-City cards
-Loyalty cards

Key technical data of PicoPass™ chip family  
Features PicoPass™ 2 KS
Standard protocol ISO 15693, ISO 14443B and optional ISO 14443A version
Carrier frequency 13.56 MHz
Baud rate 26 kbps – ISO 15693
106 kbps – ISO 14443B or 424 kbps – ISO 14443B
Anti collision 50 chips/s for ISO 15693
100 chips/s for ISO 14443B
Unique serial number 64 bits
EEPROM memory size 2 kbit
Memory organization 8 bytes block
Secure stored value area 65534 units
Recharging counter 65535 times
Cryptographic Authentication 64 bits key length
Key area Credit and Debit keys for secure pages
Read/Write protection with Authentication Yes
Write-once area Yes
EEPROM cycle Over 100K cycles
EEPROM data retention 10 years
Operating temperature  -40 to + 70°C