ICA Chipkartensysteme has been commissioned to equip the parking facilities in the new �Superlative’ shopping centre on Limbecker Platz in Essen complete with the MultiTicket C parking system.

The parking system developed by ICA has proved to be the best-integrated solution for hardware, software and service.

LEGIC Transponder Cards

ICA’s contract services include supplying all the entry and exit stations and pay machines, configuring and installing them and training the operating and maintenance staff. ECE demanded the greatest possible operating convenience for car-park customers and staff alike, as well as maximum reliability. With its outstanding features, the ICA solution meets these requirements in full.

The Limbecker Platz Essen project planned by ECE and Karstadt will bring an innovative shopping experience to the heart of Essen’s city centre. Occupying a usable floor area of over 70,000 square metres, Europe’s largest urban shopping centre, the like of which has not been seen before, will be completed by autumn 2009 and will have a catchment area population of about 1.7 million people. Over 2000 parking spaces will be created simultaneously on four parking levels in a two-stage build and ICA Chipkartensysteme will equip them with 14 entry and exit stations and a total of 18 pay machines. 20,000 LEGIC transponder cards will be delivered for the parking system.

Chip-Card Technology for Parking Space Management

ICA Chipkartensysteme has been combining expertise, innovation and use of most advanced technology into an efficient parking-space management system for over 20 years. Thanks to its unique chip-card technology, ICA has occupied a leading position throughout Europe in parking and the manufacture of ticket machines for many years.

More than 500 completed projects with excellent testimonials speak volumes for the technology developed by ICA Chipkartensysteme and make the company a totally reliable system supplier for parking space management. To achieve this, the fire brigade key vault was flush-mounted in a wall in the entrance area. When the fire alarm sounds, a flap automatically opens. This affords access to a cylinder lock for which only the fire brigade has a key. The master key can only be removed once this cylinder lock has been properly opened.