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MIFARE is the NXP Semiconductors owned trademark of the reputedly most widely installed contactless smart card, or proximity card, technology in the world with over 3.5 billion smart card chips and 40 million reader modules sold. The technology is owned by NXP Semiconductors, with its headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and main business sites in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and Hamburg, Germany.The MIFARE name covers proprietary technologies based upon various level of the ISO/IEC 14443 Type A 13.56 MHz contactless smart card standard.

MIFARE Classic:employ a proprietary protocol instead of ISO/IEC 14443A-4, with an NXP proprietary security protocol for authentication and ciphering. This makes the product non compliant with ISO/IEC 14443A standard.
The simplicity of the basic cards means that they are inexpensive, which is largely the reason for their success in large-scale deployments.

RFID and contactless smart cards have become pervasive technologies nowadays.Over the last few years, more and more systems adopted this technology as replacement for barcodes, magnetic stripe cards and paper tickets for a variety of applications.Contact-less cards consist of a small piece of memory that can be accessed wirelessly, but unlike RFID tags, they also have some computing capabilities. Most of these cards implement some sort of simple symmetric-key cryptography, which makes them suitable for applications that require access control.A number of high profile applications make use of contactless smart cards for access control. For example, they are used for payment in several public transport systems like the Octopus card in Hong Kong, the Oyster card in London, and the OV-Chipkaart in The Netherlands, among others. Many ountries have already incorporated a contactless card in their electronic passports and several car manufacturers have it embedded in their car keys as an anti-theft method. Many office buildings and even secured facilities like airports and military bases, use contactless smart cards for access control.

Mifare 1k Contactless Smart Cards For Access Control,RFID Contactless Smart Cards,NXP Mifare 1K Printed Card.