NXP and LUXIM have announced a program designed to ensure local public works administrations receive genuine products for use in street lighting. LUXIM, the leading supplier of Light Emitting Plasma™ (LEP) lamps, is joining forces with NXP, a leader in security IC solutions, to help assure component authentication throughout the entire supply chain, so that governments choosing LEP street lights can be confident in the quality, energy efficiency and lifespan of their installations.

LEP lighting is an energy-efficient and environmentally clean lighting technology that saves over 50 percent in energy costs compared to traditional lighting. In addition, it offers three times the lifespan of most conventional lighting fixtures, shining a full spectrum brilliant white light that mimics the sun. To achieve best performance, LUXIM uses deep domain expertise developing sophisticated IP. The NXP au10tic™ security IC solution is used to prevent lower quality counterfeit components from entering into the supply chain, and ultimately protect local government agencies investment.

The au10tic™ A7001 security IC is based on NXP SmartMX™ technology widely used for securing ID cards, passports and banking smart cards among many other high-security applications. It uses state-of-the-art Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) algorithms for safer key management schemes were the secret key never leave the au10tic™security IC and is not part of the host software The au10tic™ A7001 security IC has built-in hardware tamper resistance to protect the secret key from physical attacks.

SmartMX family

The SmartMX family is a series of proven, reliable ICs for contact and contactless applications. They combine ultra-low-power design and high performance with advanced attack resistance through powerful cryptographic coprocessors. With its leading-edge performance, SmartMX is the platform of choice for a wide range of applications, including secure banking and eGovernment.