13.56MHz MIFARE Reader Module


l01 authenticate for sector 1, using the transport key A (A0A1A2A3A4A5, keytype A)
l02AA authenticate for sector 2, using the transport key A (A0A1A2A3A4A5, keytype A)
l3FBB authenticate for sector 63, using the transport key 2 (B0B1B2B3B4B5, keytype B)
l04FF authenticate for sector 4, using the transport key 3 (FFFFFFFFFFFF, keytype A)
l0FAAFFFFFFFFFFFF Authenticate for sector 15, using key FFFFFFFFFFFF, keytype A
l0E14 Authenticate for sector 14, using EEPROM key 4, keytype A
l0530 Authenticate for sector 5, using EEPROM key 0, keytype B
l0732 Authenticate for sector 7, using EEPROM key 2, keytype B
l0110 Authenticate for sector 1, using EEPROM key 0, keytype A
l0ABBFF12FFFFFF35 Authenticate for sector 10, using key FF12FFFFFF35, keytype B



‘r’ read block block (1 byte) 00…3F (for a Mifare® Standard TAG)
‘rv’ read value block block (1 byte) 00…3F
‘re’ read reader EEPROM register (1 byte) 00…13


Binary Fame: read block 04h: 02 01 02 72 04 75 03

read value block 04h: 02 01 03 72 76 04 02 03

read register 10h(user data): 02 01 03 72 65 10 05 03

none read block: Data (16 bytes) read value: Value (4 bytes) read EEPROM: Data (1 byte)
‘N’: no TAG none
‘I’: no value block none
‘F’: read failure none

 Reads a block, value or register. 

  No value block ‘I’   

Specified block does not match the value format. The value block is corrupted, you may use a backup block for recovery (controlled by the application).

Reading blocks

The reading procedure requires a successful authentication, which requires a select and login before.

No tag error ‘N’

The tag does not respond, because there is either no tag present or none of the tags in the field is not authenticated (‘l’ instruction).

Read failure ‘F’

Additional to an data read error caused by bad transmission conditions, this error appears if you want to read a block which is not in your currently authenticated sector.

I.e. if you try to read the block 02 (sector 0) after you just logged in into sector 1 (using the ‘l01..’ command). 

  read reader EEPROM

Reads the internal reader EEPROM. It contains non-volatile parameters.

MIFARE® Reader Module EEPROM Memory Organization
Number Name Description
00h…03h unique device ID (32 bit) This number is unique for each device and therefore read only.
04h Station ID Indicates the address ID for every station. The ID is used for addressing within a party line and is read only.
05h Protocol Configuration Set protocol type, power on behavior
06h Baud Rate Selection Defines communication speed
07h…0Fh reserved  
10h…13h user data free usage

Station ID 0 and 255 are reserved for the bus master (controller) and the “get ID” instruction and are therefore not allowed for any reader module. As a factory default the Station ID is set to the value 01h.

It is possible to address up to 254 (01…254) different readers on a single RS485/RS422/RS232 bus. At delivery the reader module is in ASCII protocol mode (9600,n,8,1) with AutoStart enabled and the Station ID set to 01.

Note: In ASCII mode the Station ID is ignored.

It is not recommended to use the MIFARE reader modules without an appropriate personalization (refer personalization procedure on page 43) in bus applications (binary protocol only).

The register 10h to 13h are available for application specific user data and not interpreted by the reader module. The register locations 07h to 0Fh are reserved for future usage and not available for user data.