Secure contactless reader solution, MFRX852

The MFRX852 is a new highly integrated security reader module for contactless communication at 13.56 MHz. It combines a completely integrated Secure Application Module (SAM), data processing and modulation/demodulation for high security passive contactless communication methods and protocols at 13.56 MHz.
The MFRX852 supports the following contactless protocols and features:
–all layers of the ISO/IEC 14443 including the type A and type B communication scheme
–contactless T=CL protocol for MIFARE DESFire communication
–contactless communication using higher baud rates
The MFRX852 is primarily designed for secure transport applications and related loyalty programs. Other possible applications are for example, general secure reader applications, Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) terminals, value checkers, ePassport readers and security handheld readers.
It supports the MIFARE Mini, MIFARE 1K, MIFARE 4K security algorithm to authenticate MIFARE Mini, MIFARE 1K, MIFARE 4K products. In addition, DES/3DES and AES security algorithms are supported to authenticate NXP MIFARE DESFire and MIFARE DESFire EV1 products. Additional immunity against security attacks is provided by the high integration of security processor and contactless interface into a single module package.
Reduced complexity of security reader design, hardware and software development is achieved by high integration of several hardware components into one small module package of 7 mm × 7 mm.

Hard reset with low power function
–User-programmable reader start-up configuration
–Power-down mode per software
–Integrated oscillator to connect 13.56 MHz
–3.3 V to 5 V operation power supply
–CRC coprocessor
–Internal self-test

Contactless interface
–Highly integrated analog circuitry to demodulate and decode responses
–Buffered output drivers for connecting to an antenna with the minimum number of external components
–Supports ISO/IEC 14443A/MIFARE and ISO/IEC 14443B
–Supports contactless communication with higher baud rates up to 848 kbaud
–Support of MFIN/MFOUT
–Internal power supply for the smart card IC connected via MFIN/MFOUT
–Bit- and byte-oriented framing

Host interface
–T=1 communication protocol as defined in ISO/IEC 7816-3
–Automatic detection of host processor interface type

Key storage memory
–10 years data retention
–Write endurance of 100 000 cycles
–128 key entries (1 SAM master key entry)
–Up to 3 key versions for each entry
–Key cache (8 entries) for accelerating key access

–Unique serial number for each SAM device
–Hardware (3)DES coprocessor
–Hardware AES coprocessor
–Hardware MIFARE Mini, MIFARE 1K, MIFARE 4K crypto coprocessor

SAM functions
–Support of multiple CIDs/logical channels in parallel, separated by hardware firewall
–Generate session key to support DESFire “Authenticate” commands
–Generate session key to support secured host communication
–Verify (3)DES generated 4 byte and 8 byte MACs based on session key (optional)
–Create (3)DES generated 4 byte and 8 byte MACs based on session key (optional)
–Verify AES generated 8 byte MACs based on session key (optional)
–Create AES generated 8 byte MACs based on session key (optional)
–Decipher and verify (3)DES or AES enciphered data based on session key (optional)
–Encipher plain data using (3)DES or AES based on session key (optional)
–Secure update of all keys stored in the SAM
–Mutual three pass authentication between SAM and SAM controller
–Key usage counters
–(3)DES or AES based key diversification

Table 1. Quick reference data
Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Unit
VDD supply voltage   3 - 5.5 V
VDD(CVDD) CVDD supply voltage GND = 0 V 2.7 2.8 3.3 V
VDD(PVDD) PVDD supply voltage VDD(PVDD) ≤ VDDA =VDDD=VDD(TVDD); [1] 1.6 - 3.6 V
    VSSA =VSSD=VSS(PVSS)=VSS(TVSS) =0V;        
VDD(SVDD) SVDD supply voltage VSSA =VSSD=VSS(PVSS)=VSS(TVSS)=0V; 1.6 - 3.6 V
Ipd power-down current hard power-down; VDD(PVDD)= 2.8 V [2] - - 10.5 µA
    soft power-down; VDD(VDDCO) =0V; [2] - - 10 µA
    VDD(CVDD) = 2.8 V; RF level detector on        
IDD(SVDD) SVDD supply current VDD(SVDD)= 2.8 V - 6.5 30 mA
ICC supply current   [3] - - 40 mA
IDD(VIN) VIN supply current Tamb = −30 °C to +80 °C, 40 Ω typical TX load [4][5][6] - 70 120 mA
Tamb ambient temperature HLQFN48R [7] −25 - +85 °C
[1] VDD(PVDD) must always be the same or lower voltage than VDD(CVDD).

[2] Ipd soft power-down and Ipd hard power-down are the total currents for all supplies.

[3] ICC depends on the overall load at the digital pins.

[4] IDD(VIN) depends on the external circuit connected to pins TX1 and TX2.

[5] During typical circuit operation the overall current is below 100 mA.

[6] Typical value using a complementary driver configuration and an antenna matched to 40 W between TX1 and TX2 at 13.56 MHz.

[7] In still air with exposed pad soldered on a 4-layer JEDEC printed-circuit board.


Table 2. Ordering information Package
  Name Description Version
MFRX85201HD/rrffo[1] HLQFN48R plastic thermal enhanced low profile quad flat package; no leads;

48 terminals; resin based; body 7 ´ 7 ´ 1.2 mm

[1] rr = ROM code, ff = fab. key, o = MIFARE option.

Block diagram
The MFRX852 main components are the SAM: P5DF072, and the MFRC523 reader IC; see Figure 1 . The P5DF072 contains software to directly control the MFRC523 reader IC and a command set for acting, beside the classic SAM functionality, as a contactless security reader module.
The MFRX852 also provides the functionality to connect an external analog front-end based on the MFIN/MFOUT protocol pins.

Mifare DESFire 4K Smart Cards For Access Control systems,Mifare DESFire 4K RFID Cards,Mifare DESFire 4K Offset Printing Card,Fig 1. Block diagram of MFRX852

Table 3. Limiting values

In accordance with the Absolute Maximum Rating System (IEC 60134).

Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Max Unit
VDD supply voltage   -0.3 +6.5 V
VDD(PVDD) PVDD supply voltage   −0.5 +4.0 V
VDD(CVDD) CVDD supply voltage   −0.5 +4.0 V
VDD(SVDD) SVDD supply voltage   −0.5 +4.0 V
VDD(VDDCO) VDDCO supply voltage   −0.5 +6.0 V
Ptot total power dissipation per package; VDDDin shortcut mode - 700 mW
IO output current maximum current at TX1 and TX2 −100 100 mA
Tj junction temperature   - 100 °C
Tstg storage temperature   +5 +45 °C
VESD electrostatic discharge HBM; 1500 Ω, 100 pF; JESD22-A114-B - 2000 V
  voltage MM; 0.75 µH, 200 pF; JESD22-A114-A - 200 V