13.56MHz MIFARE Reader Module


‘s’ none

Binary Frame: 02 01 01 73 73 03


none TAG Type Identification (1 byte) 0×01 denotes a MIFARE® Light Transponder (not supported) 0×02 denotes a MIFARE® Standard Transponder 0×03 denotes a MIFARE® Pro Transponder 0xFF denotes a unknown Transponder SN (4 bytes)
‘N’: no TAG none

 Selects a single card and returns the card ID (Serial Number).


Select a single tag
No previous continuous read is required.

This byte is only transmitted if the Extend ID in the Protocol Configuration register is set (refer table on page 42) . Disabled as factory default.

Data encryption
Before a successful login instruction data encryption is inactive (serial number is transmitted as plain text).

Multiple tags
This command is designed for fast access to a single tag in the field. If you are using multiple cards in the field you have to use the ‘m’ instruction for the select procedure.


‘l’ sector (1 byte) 00…0F keytype (1 byte) AA authenticate with keytype A FF authenticate with keytype A, transport key FFFFFFFFFFFF BB authenticate with keytype B 10…2F authenticate with keytype A using stored key (00..31) 30…4F authenticate with keytype B using stored key (00..31) This parameter is optional. By transmitting (Carriage Return, ASCII 13d) instead the authentication is done with transport key 1 (A0A1A2A3A4A5, keytype A). key (6 bytes) By transmitting instead of the keydata authentication is done with manufacturers transport keys (A0A1A2A3A4A5, B0B1B2B3B4B5, FFFFFFFFFFFF).


Binary Fame: sector 01, transport key A:

02 01 09 6C 01 AA A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 CE 03

or   02 01 04 6C 01 AA 0D CF 03

or   02 01 03 6C 01 0D 62 03

with master key 0 (type A):

02 01 03 6C 01 10 7F 03

‘L’: login success none
‘N’: no TAG none
‘F’: login fail, key wrong none
‘E’: invalid key format (stored key) none

⇒ Performs an authentication to access one sector of the card. Only one sector can be accessed at a time. Optionally also keys stored in the reader EEPROM can be used. To store keys in the EEPROM the write master key command (‘wm’) is used. It is possible to store up to 32 master keys in the reader EEPROM.

Login to a tag Requires a select before (using the Select or MultiTag instruction).

No tag error ‘N’

This means that the tag does not respond, because there is either no tag present or none of the tags in the field is selected (‘s’ or ‘m’ instruction).

Note: By transmitting (carriage return, ASCII 13d) instead of an expected parameter the reader module uses standard parameters (transport keys) for the login procedure. Standard parameters are available for keytype and keydata (l), which uses the transport key 1 (A0A1A2A3A4A5), or for the keydata only (lAA, lBB, lFF), which uses one of the three supported transport keys (key 1: A0A1A2A3A4A5, key 2: B0B1B2B3B4B5, key 3: FFFFFFFFFFFF).

Log in with keydata from EEPROM Each key stored in the reader EEPROM can be used as keytype A or keytype B. For using a specified key as keytype A the value for keytype character is the keynumber added to 10h. For using the keydata as key B 30h is added to the keynumber. So for a login with the key 0 from the EEPROM the instruction sequence is “l10” by interpreting data as key A, and “l30” by interpreting data as key B.

Usage of key A, key B MIAFRE cards support two different crypto keys for each sector. Each key is 32 bit long and stored in the sector trailer (last block of the sector) on the card. It is possible to set different access rights for the two keys. For more details of using different keys and access conditions (also stored in the sector trailer)