SmartMX family is designed for high-security smart card applications requiring highly reliable solutions, with or without multiple interface options. The SmartMX family has been sold in high volumes and is now coming in the second generation with upgraded functionality, security and memory options.

Key benefits
  • ISO14443 option provides MIFARE functionality and full compatibility with MIFARE infrastructure
  • USB interface option on the triple interface device, and NFC interface option on dual interface controllers
  • Compliant with EMV (Europay-MasterCard-Visa) standard, which offers Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA) option
  • Many family members CC EAL5+ evaluated
Key features
  • Advanced architecture, sets new benchmark in both security and performance
  • Delivers high execution speed, ultra low power consumption and conceptual security measures
  • Extended instruction set supports efficient C-programming for (e.g.) Java Card VM implementations
  • Combined linear program / data address range
  • Saves up to 30% code space while increasing execution speed
Key applications
  • Banking cards and SIM cards
  • Pay TV subscription cards
  • e-business
  • e-government
  • Public transportation
Descriptive summary

Offering large EEPROM memory capacities (up to 14472 Kbytes) and high levels of security, the SmartMX dual / triple interface family members meet and exceed the specifications for smart passports (machine-readable travel documents – MRTD) set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


SmartMX card ICs feature exception sensors for voltage, frequency, temperature and light. This makes the entire family extremely resistant to any kind of physical analysis. A hardware memory management unit (Firewall) provides additional protection for PKI controllers. The SmartMX family has been evaluated by independent security experts to ensure the highest security standards and includes the first ICs for smart passports which have achieved CC EAL5+ certification.

Powerful solutions

SmartMX combines exceptionally powerful coprocessors for PKI and secret key encryption to support RSA, ECC, DES and AES, with the high-security, low-power, performance optimized asynchronous technology. SmartMX enables trouble-free implementations of state-of-the-art operating systems and open platform solutions including Java Open Platform and MULTOS, while offering an optimized feature set and the highest security.

Standards support

SmartMX microcontrollers support Class ‘C’, ‘B’ and ‘A’ voltage ranges (1.8 – 5 V), as required by application standards such as 3GPP for 3G mobile communications and the credit / debit card standard EMV. SmartMX is based on a proven secure C51-compatible architecture offering a wide choice of interface options (ISO 7816, ISO 14443 and USB 2.0) and is available with cryptographic coprocessors for 3-DES and optional AES algorithms and a crypto accelerator called FameXE for PKI algorithms.