ISIC card brings more benefits to students

Students in St Petersburg, Russia, can now use their International Student Identity Card (ISIC) on the city’s public transport network. As well as providing access to the network, the MIFARE-powered cards offer holders savings up to 60% on their monthly ticket.

As the world’s first working system to incorporate a city transport ticket within ISIC Mifare 1K, the St Petersburg travel application makes ISIC an ‘everyday use card’. It’s a great example of applying contactless technology to a multi-service international card. It was the work of the ISIC-Peter collaboration, which includes the St Petersburg government transport committee, SUE Petersburg metropolitan, SUE Organizator Perevozok and ZAO Rosan Finance, a certified ISIC manufacturer in Russia.

In 2005, ISIC-Peter became the first organization in the ISTC (International Student Travel Confederation) to transfer card production to Russia and to incorporate MIFARE technology. As a result, all the cards for St Petersburg (about 50,000 now in use) were already prepared for the transport application. During 2007, ISIC-Peter plans to incorporate banking services into the ISIC to complement the identity, transport and discount functionality it already offers.

The ISIC-Peter card is based on NXP’s MIFARE Standard contactless chip. Implementation of the contactless ISIC was helped by the fact that MIFARE Standard 1K cards are already widely used for the city’s family of public transport solutions. This includes both standard contactless tickets together with student, social and bank cards that also feature the transport application.

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3.5 million ISIC users

Issued by the ISTC, the ISIC is the only internationally recognized proof of full-time student status and provides access to worldwide benefits and services. Available to all students over the age of 12, ISIC is fully endorsed by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). There are currently 3.5 million ISIC holders around the world and about 50,000 in St Petersburg.